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Below is a breakdown of the types of appointments and their costs:

Psychiatry Evaluation and Medication Management

We offer both psychiatry evaluation appointments and medication management services.

Initial Psychiatry Evaluation visit:

Are you looking for a psychiatrist who can fit into your schedule? An initial psychiatry evaluation could be just right for you.

This is for your first appointment only. It is a 30-minute session and includes an evaluation, treatment plan, and a prescription for your medication (if applicable).

Cost: $120 (Typically more than the average price of a psychiatrist visit)

Follow Up Medication Management Visits:

Have you met with us for your initial psychiatry evaluation? If so, you're ready for a follow-up medication management visit.

After your initial visit, you will be asked to return for a follow-up video visit to discuss your treatment plan's therapeutic effect. We'll review your medication and make any adjustments necessary to your treatment plan.

This appointment typically lasts 15 minutes. Follow-up appointments continue to occur until you and the provider is comfortable with your medication treatment plan or if a change to your medication levels is required.

Cost: $69.99
Refill Only: no video/phone appointment is needed

Do you only need to refill your medication? We've got you covered if you're on a stable medication plan. Schedule a refill-only appointment with us. There's no need to call us or get on the video to confirm your refill.

Refill-only appointments occur after your treatment plan is stabilized and established with a provider. This appointment does not require any meeting time with the provider whatsoever. It simply issues a refill for your medication at the current level.

If you're scheduling an appointment for a refill, it should not be more than 90 days since your last visit.

Medication Refill request: $29.99
Patient Document Request

We can fulfill your request for patient forms for your work or school needs. Simply contact us with your request, and we will work to process it as soon as possible.

Patient Document Request (Doctors note, accommodation letter for work or school, and other forms): $25
Online therapy

Do you need to speak with a therapist? We offer online therapy sessions with our professional staff. Our appointments are available online, allowing you to work our services into your schedule.

Our online therapy services are available for as low as $89.99 per session. Contact us today to set up an appointment. We can discuss your needs and determine your most appropriate therapy course.